Basilisk Lizard Tank Size

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The tank size corresponds to the number of animals one wishes to maintain. A basilisk enclosure must be spacious.

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Because of its seeming ability to run over water they call it called lagarto de jesus christ the jesus lizard or jesus christ lizard.

Basilisk lizard tank size. Plumed basilisk double crested basilisk jesus christ lizard. Commonly found in the tropical rainforests of central america. For an adult pair or trio i recommend a vertically oriented glass walled enclosure that is at least 3 feet long by 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall with plenty of branches etc.

Large sturdy branches for climbing should be included. When it comes to cage sizes the bigger the better and you ll create no harm if you decide to purchase a 55 gallon or larger tank for a single lizard. The total length includes the tail as well which can up to 3 ft in length.

An ideal standard cage size for green basilisks is 48 24 36. The common basilisk basiliscus basiliscus is a species of lizard in the family corytophanidae the species is endemic to central america and south america where it is found near rivers and streams in rainforests it is also known as the jesus christ lizard jesus lizard south american jesus lizard or lagarto de jesus cristo for its ability to run on the surface of water. Uvb is important to the health of the lizard because it helps them use the calcium in their diet properly.

This is a wild animal that you re bringing indoors so a cage size significant enough to mimic the securities of the wild is a necessity. These lizards enjoy climbing so make sure you have an ideal branch for them in the cage. The lizards range in size from less than 0 01 ounces.

They can be kept in standard glass aquariums with locked screen covers. These australian natives are between 7 10 inches in size and need a tank size of around 40 gallons. Hsieh and lauder filmed them with a high speed video camera as they ran across a water tank.

The uvb fluorescent tube should be set up so that the light is not more than 10 inches above the basilisk with no glass or plastic between the light and the lizard as these materials block out vital uvb rays. Earning their nickname jesus christ lizard. The jesus lizards or basilisk lisards.

The species is the largest basilisk species with an average snout to vent length of approximately 10 inches. The huge size and the elevated fin like crests running over its back makes it different from the other species in its group. The basilisk lizard remains a part of the corytophanid group.

The most common and suitable size tank for an adult basilisk lizard should be at least 40 gallon minimum. The green basilisk is famously known as the lizard that can run over water. For instance three females and one male can be housed in a 250 litre aquarium.

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