Basilisk Lizard Walking On Water

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These scales increase the surface area of the toe against the water and it is because of these toe scales that they are able to walk on water. On water basilisks can run at a velocity of 1 5 meters 4 9 feet per second for approximately 4 5 meters 15 feet before sinking on all fours and swimming.

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Their back toes are lined with small downward facing scales.

Basilisk lizard walking on water. The basilisk lizard also known. A high definition film shot at 2 000 frames per second shows a brown basilisk lizard running across the surface of a pond in belize. More footage shows how a species of gecko is so tiny that it.

In costa rica it is known by other names such as cherepo gallego and basilisk. The basilisk lizard runs across the water on two legs. Can the basilisk lizard really walk on water.

Throughout their size range they can run across water on their hind limbs. The mystery of how a type of lizard walks on water may have been solved a group of us scientists believe. Abundant in the tropical rain forests of central america from southern mexico to panama green basilisks spend much of their time in the trees and are never far from a body of water.

Some name this reptile jesus christ lizard because it can run on water. When they run on water they pump their legs rapidly slapping their feet hard against the water. We re putting out new episodes monday sunday so please tune in daily and subscribe dow.

Plumed basilisks along with other basilisks are able to use their feet and tail to run short distances on top of the water. Citation needed flaps between their toes help support basilisks creating a larger surface and pockets of air giving them the buoyancy needed to run across water. The lizards range in size from less than 0 01 ounces 2 grams upon hatching to more than 7 ounces 200 grams as adults.

It inhabits riverbanks and streams throughout the costa rican pacific slope. It is a medium sized lizard larger than small lizards but smaller than iguanas. Basilisk lizards have special toes on their rear feet.

What makes it possible. These long toes have fringes of skin like scales that spread out in the water to increase the surface area of the foot making contact with the water.

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